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Enjoy Holidays in Iran - Iran Tours & Travel Agency UK | Persian Tour Specialist
Passionate Purpose

Our mission is to introduce Iran to the world. Not the Iran that you think you know, but the real Iran. An ancient land of poetry and beauty, of fabled cities intensely coloured with culture and vibrancy, where visitors are eagerly welcomed with open minds and hearts. The core of our purpose is to change ideas and opinions, to provide truly insightful, authentic trips for those in pursuit of exciting, new experiences and destinations. We love Iran and we're confident you will too.

Peace of Mind

We do Iran, only Iran and no other destination. Our local team have been providing trips to Iran for over 22 years. We know it inside and out and that means you're guaranteed the best in expert knowledge and planning, saving you precious time and energy to focus solely on the pleasure of the moment. Just leave it to us. We'll take you on a path of adventure in comfort, safety, and security, so you can kick back, relax, and lose yourself in the enchanting sights, sounds and smells of intriguing Iran.

Tailor Made
Live like a local

We only work with the very best guides, highly experienced, legally certified, who are intimately connected to the historical treasures, natural beauty and diverse cultures of Iran. They'll take you to the best places and hidden gems that only locals could know, giving you the opportunity to absorb the warm, welcoming Iranian hospitality and to engage in hands on cultural experiences, from cooking workshops, to traditional sports, and even home visits, to discover what it's really like to "live like a local".

Unforgettable Adventures
Personalised Service

We believe that travel is all about emotion. We focus on building a personal connection from the moment you get in touch with us, which continues even after you return home. Our aim is to make you feel like you're travelling with a friend. A friend who will guide you and inspire you, who will go the extra mile to offer advice, assistance, tips and anything else you need to create your ultimate travel experience.

Tailor Made

Over and above the exotic flavours, hypnotic aromas, and incredible sights, we like to think that our trips are meticulously created to offer truly unique adventures. But, if there is anything we've missed, let us know and we'll immediately get to work on planning the perfect itinerary based completely on you; your needs, your wants, your wishes, your desires – it's your adventure after all.

Sustainable Tourism
Sustainable Tourism

On our trips we take you to forests, lakes, mountains, deserts, orchards, eco-camps and traditional camps of nomadic people. To protect the cultural heritage and preserve the natural environment, our trips are built around responsible, respectful, and eco-friendly activities. We are committed to leaving a positive impact on the people and environment of the destinations that we visit. It's all about a little respect.


Iran is positively dazzling, bursting with thousands of years of culture; a fascinating land of ancient sites, majestic landscapes, architectural treasures, welcoming people, wonderful food, and home to 19 Unesco World Heritage Sites. With such an incredibly diverse and varied range of experiences to explore, Iran offers so much more than the usual holiday or tour. Deep beneath the history of conquest and far away from political chatter, Iran is a safe, stable and surprisingly affordable destination, where everyone is greeted with warmth and hospitality. Say Bon Voyage to being a tourist in a foreign land and Salam to being a welcomed guest in Iran.


Majestic Adventure was founded on the belief that Iran is truly a secret jewel waiting to be discovered and explored. We specialize in custom designed, private, tailor-made packages. That means you're free to choose the airline and routing of your choice. If you want to use your frequent flyer points, or stop en-route, it's up to you. Our expert team lead the way in superstar customer service and we aim to provide meaningful journeys where you can live and breathe the wonders of Iran; the colours, cuisine and culture, first hand. Come join us on an adventure of a lifetime, gain a new perspective, forge new friendships - let us introduce you to the real Iran.

A message from our Co-Founder, Soraya

What is travel? Travel is highly personal and everyone has their own unique idea about what travel means for them. For some it means freedom, for others it's an escape, for me it's all about the personal connections to people, places, and even myself. I believe that travel opens us up to new worlds and fosters a deeper level of understanding and acceptance.

Travel is inspiring. It's challenging. It's thrilling. It's transforming. It makes you realise that perhaps we should spend more time chasing meaningful experiences rather than the accumulation of things. It causes you to re-think your opinions and re-evaluate your belief systems. It forces you to live in the moment and savour each new connection, to appreciate all the flavours of life. Ultimately, travel should make you happy.

Whatever your definition of travel is, my team and I are on hand to assist in your journey of exploration and discovery. We feel very privileged to have the opportunity to introduce you to Iran and moreover, to offer the opportunity to see it with new eyes. That is the reason why we do what we do. Perhaps Iran is a place that you may have thought was so different, but you'll actually uncover a land which opens the mind and heart to new and wonderful possibilities, together we chase cultures and fun.

Travel is difficult to define, but it's definitely worth doing! 'Safr Bekheir' – Happy Travels.