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Enjoy Holidays in Iran - Iran Tours & Travel Agency UK | Persian Tour Specialist

Some Essential Questions To Ask About Iran

To ensure you have the absolute best time during your visit to Iran, take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions and answers below.

With the exception of shorts, gentlemen are allowed to wear pretty much what they like. Simple enough.

For ladies, it's a bit more complicated. Ladies must wear a ‘Hijab’, which is a headscarf worn to cover their hair and neck. It's ok for some strands of hair, framing the face, to show. Foreigners can get away with a more casual attitude to the dress code, however, clothing should be non-transparent and completely covering the body. The ‘Manteau’ (a long tunic) is the more popular choice, as most local females wear these in a variety of styles and colours. So for example, jeans and a long tunic, reaching mid-thigh, would be absolutely fine. In the summer heat, a maxi skirt or loose cotton trousers would be more advisable.

The ‘Chador’, which is a black full-body-length semicircle of fabric is usually worn more by the older generation or in conservative areas away from the capital. When visiting certain mosques and shrines, women will be given a Chador to wear on entry. Don't forget to remove your shoes when visiting mosques or people's homes.

No, absolutely not. Just a headscarf. It is very rare to see Iranian women covering their faces, except in the far South of Iran near the Persian Gulf, and even there the “traditional masks” (moregheh) which they wear are extremely decorative, with brightly coloured sequins and embroidery.

Yes, yes, and again YES! Iran is by far one of the safest and politically stable countries to visit in the Middle East. Even though Iran has a few restricted military zones normally found close to the Iran/Afghanistan border, the country is quite safe in all major cities. We recommend carrying identification with you at all times and taking sensible precautions to protect yourself from the low occurrence of street crime and relatively high frequency of road accidents. The biggest danger you are likely to face is trying to cross the road!

Iran is a majestic country with a warm and welcoming people. It is not uncommon for tourists and travellers (especially Americans, yep you heard right - Iranians love Americans!) to be showered with hospitality in the form of tea, fruit, and local dishes.

Iran is a very well educated society, it's also a very young society with 70% of the population under the age of 30. You'll find many young Iranians in the cities eager to chat with you and practice their English. In rural areas, English is not so widely spoken, but don‘t worry, your guide is always on hand to be your personal translator.

NO! Don‘t ask for it and don‘t even think about it. However, there are many varieties of non-alcoholic beers, ranging in flavours from classic to lemon to coffee. Believe it or not, we‘ve heard they‘re surprisingly good!

Iran is a year-round destination, although the temperate months of Spring and Autumn are perfect for outdoor excursions. The best time to go is between March to May and September to November. December, January and February are perfect for ski trips in the Alborz Mountains or visiting the beautiful, breezy Kish and Qeshm Islands in the Persian Gulf.

Hands down, cash is king and USA dollars, Euros, and GBP are all accepted in Iran. Major credit cards like Visa and MasterCard are NOT ACCEPTED and you will not be able to withdraw your money from an ATM. Your best option is to get a prepaid Iranian debit card that can be used all around the country, which we can help with.

Due to Iran‘s dry climate and isolation, the chances of catching something and becoming seriously ill is virtually non-existent. To play it safe, visit your doctor 4-8 weeks before departure and get a ‘yellow book’ (an International Certificate of Vaccination). Medical treatment in Iran is good, but can be expensive. We advise bringing your own basic medical emergency kit and it is also quite important to make sure that medication for pre-existing conditions does not contain alcohol.

As with most (if not all) international excursions, travel insurance is absolutely essential. You will not be allowed to join us on a trip to Iran without proof of some kind of comprehensive cover. It is compulsory that you're covered against personal accident, death, medical expenses, emergency repatriation and personal liability. Ideally you should also be covered against cancellation, curtailment and loss of luggage and personal effects. We would recommend Campbell Irvine Direct Travel Insurance. www.campbellirvinedirect.com

We recommend using Turkish Airlines via Istanbul, as they have numerous daily flights to choose from that fly to Iranian cities including Tehran, Shiraz, Tabriz and Mashhad.

To ensure our guests experience the best on a budget, we book accommodation on a same-sex, twin-sharing basis. If you choose to have your own room, we will unfortunately have to charge a little extra for the luxury of absolute privacy.

Of course! All our tours are fully flexible, and adaptable to your specific requirements. We are here to help you experience a truly unforgettable journey, so reach out and let‘s talk about organising the trip you desire

We use only private and comfortable air-conditioned vehicles. To get around in the bustling cities we may have to rely on public transport from time to time, which is an experience in itself.

We have assembled a fine variety of decidedly up-market boutique hotels with all the usual creature comforts included. Venues may change, but here are just a few of our partner hotels and accommodation establishments: Safayie Hotel, Matin Abad desert camp, Azadi Hotel, Shiraz Zandiye Hotel, Chamran Grand, Kerman Pars International Hotel, Tourism Inn, Zeinoddin Caravanserai, Yazd Dad Hotel, Safaiye, Isfahan Aseman Hotel, Kowsar, Mashhad Toos Hotel, Razaviye, Shahroud Tourism Inn, Ferdowsi Grand Hotel, and Espinas.

Yes. All the boutique hotels we partner with offer Wi-Fi.

Iran is a delicious melting pot of exotic flavours and hypnotic aromas waiting to be explored. Westerners who are used to fast food franchises will find much more nutritious, healthy, and tasty treats at the myriad of local bazaars and open markets. Click on “Food” (located on our Tours pages) to check out some of the local delicacies awaiting you.

Iran is no doubt a meat lover's paradise, with all kinds of succulent kebabs on every street corner. Apart from the numerous rice dishes jewelled with pomegranates or barberries, there are also dishes like Mirza Ghaseimi (smoked eggplant with tomatoes), Kashq-e Bademjan (a Persian eggplant dip), Ash-e Reshteh (a thick vegetable and noodle soup) and Mast (yogurt with garlic). There is a wonderful variety of exceptional fresh fruits and salads to enjoy and you will also find many types of Naans and breads (Barbari, Taftoon, Sangak, Lavash and others) which are superb with honey, butter or cheese. Vegetarians certainly won't go hungry in Iran.

Iran offers a 30 day Tourist Visa On Arrival to all foreign nationals, EXCEPT those holding passports from the UK, USA, Canada, Pakistan, Somalia, Bangladesh, Iraq, Jordan and Afghanistan. The cost is between €30-80 and you will have to show valid travel insurance and an onward air ticket. However, we strongly advise all travellers to get in touch with your local Iranian Consulate to apply for a visa BEFORE travelling to Iran as rules can and do change regularly. Better to be safe than sorry!

Please note; for UK, US, and Canadian passport holders to obtain a visa they are obliged to have an authorized Iranian tour guide accompanying them during their entire trip in Iran.

Yes. Obtaining an Iranian visa is a 2 step process;

  1. You need a visa authorization code issued from the Foreign Ministry in Iran. We can apply for this on your behalf and all we need from you is a scanned copy of your passport and a few details. The visa authorization code takes about 1 month to get.
  2. Once the visa authorization code has been received, you then need take it to any Iranian Consulate to get the physical visa sticker stamped into your passport.

UK passport holders will have to apply in person to the Consulate for finger prints with the following:

  1. Authorization Number from the Foreign Ministry in Iran
  2. Original Passport
  3. Completed Visa Application Form (Download Application Form)
  4. Two Passport Size Photo (Ladies: Please make sure you are wearing a headscarf in your photo)
  5. Visa Fee (Cash only)
  6. The Visa Fee for UK passport holders is approximately £180 for normal service which may take up to 15 days. The fees for other nationalities varies and it is best to contact your local Iranian Consulate for the precise amount and up to date visa information.

Iranian Consulate in London address:
50 Kensington Court, London, W8 5DD
Tel: + 44 (0)20 7361 0814
Visa Section opening hours:
Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 2:00pm to 5:00pm

Click here for a list of worldwide Iranian Consulates

Please make sure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months from your date of entry into Iran and it must have at least 2 blank pages. We advise to apply well in advance and please note that the Iranian Foreign Ministry does not process visa applications during the period of March 5 - April 5.

It sounds much more complicated than it actually is. Don‘t worry, we'll be there to guide and assist you all the way through.

Yes, of course. Under new regulations, you will simply have to apply for a visa instead of using the visa waiver program. You must fill out an online form and then go to the US Embassy for an interview. The feedback we've received is that the interviews are very quick and easy and normally you will be issued a 10-year multiple entry visa to the US. So not as bad as it initially sounds!

Our commitment to sustainable tourism and nature conservation is solid and unwavering. We treat Iran as sacred ground in all we do and our trips are built around responsible, respectful, and eco-friendly activities, ensuring that the cultural heritage and natural environment are preserved and protected.

The Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours regulations 1992 (PTR) stipulate that sales of package holidays must be financially protected. As a member of The Travel Vault, Majestic Adventure Ltd fully meets all the requirements of the Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours regulations 1992. The Travel Vault complies fully with the PTR and has been approved by the CAA and ABTA. So you can relax with full peace of mind knowing that every trip booked through Majestic Adventure is 100% financially protected.